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Does your lawyer offer you an explanation why any money needs to remain in escrow or trust more than a year later? The answer to your question is yes; you can consider hiring another lawyer to take ov ...Read more

Yes, you can sue Dairy Queen. It will likely be a difficult case which will take a decent amount of time to resolve. Large companies don't tend to settle things early in the process. I hope your daugh ...Read more

#1 - If what you say is true, MOVE. first and foremost, and do so immediately, even if you have to break your lease. There is no restraining order that stops bullets. if he persists at that point, it ...Read more

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Engineer and Truck Driver Sleep Apnea Testing Regulation Withdrawn

A sleep apnea screening rule that would have seen all commercial truckers and train engineers undergo testing for the condition has been withdrawn. The move, which has drawn criticism from varying age ... Read more

Heatstroke Dangers of Leaving Pets in Hot Cars

Dogs can die when they are left alone in a hot car by their owners even when they think they will be gone for just a quick minute. In most of the U.S. we are in the hottest part of the summer. Here in ... Read more

Crabbing in the Puget Sound: Top 20 Crabbing safety tips

Crab enthusiasts who live near the Puget Sound have access to big flavorful crab during our summer season: the Dungeness crab and their less well known cousin the Red Rock crab. For those who choose t ... Read more

Riding Mower Safety Tips

Lawn tractors and riding lawn mowers are essential for mowing large areas. They save time and energy because they move much faster than a push mower but they can also cause serious injuries when an ac ... Read more

Freshwater Fishing Safety Tips

Freshwater fishing safety is important. The last thing you want to do is set out for a great freshwater fishing trip and end up with a personal injury or injuring someone else. It is important for par ... Read more

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