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No. Vandalism is a risk for which insurance is available.  Regretfully, you elected not to purchase the insurance and now you are stuck with the repair costs.

If you are saying that you were injuried at a Westin Hotel in Tennessee, then yes you have to file the lawsuit in Tennessee. Where you live is irrelevant.

I think you have a strong case. Hire counsel who will file suit, which is the only way to maximize your recovery. Cases against funeral homes are the exception to the rule that physical damages need t ...Read more

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Why So Many People Will Hire A Lawyer For Car Crash Injuries

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Memorial Day weekend marks the unofficial start of the summer. It also means that there will be over 31 million drivers on the road, eager to get to the shore, a family gathering, or a barbeque with f ... Read more

How to Use Cancer Screenings

Skye Richendrfer 12.00 Cancer takes the lives of too many Americans. Can anything be done to help prevent cancer deaths? Scientists continue to develop tests aimed at finding specif ... Read more

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