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I would strongly suggest you contact an experienced worker's compensation attorney.  Based on what your doctor is telling you, you may very well have a worker's compensation claim where you can g ...Read more

Was the case a private school or a public school? Government entities typically have more legal defenses to plaintiff lawsuits. That being said, if the school officials were on notice of the foreseeab ...Read more

If you continue to go it alone the insurance company will continue to play games. You should consider hiring an attorney to protect your rights. 

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Lawyers Discuss the Long-Term Effects of Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome

Neonatal abstinence syndrome, known as NAS, is the result of a baby being exposed to drugs while carried in the womb. NAS causes drug withdrawal in babies immediately after th ... Read more

Motorcycle Insurance in Massachusetts: Are Your Injuries Covered?

Most motorcyclists are careful, cautious drivers, but even the most attentive and courteous motorist cannot guard against the negligence of a random, inattentive driver. Indeed, with the increase car ... Read more

Man Critically Injured in Apartment Fire

A man was critically injured in an apartment fire that took place on Tuesday afternoon in Parkville, Maryland. The fire broke out around 4 pm, and the man was rescued and then taken to a local hospita ... Read more

Highway Construction Zone Safety for Drivers

Does it make you nervous to drive through a highway construction zone? Many people become anxious when driving through these areas. A number of construction vehicles are parked on shoulders, construct ... Read more

Side Underride Truck Accidents Could Be Prevented by Mandatory Side Guards

Collisionsinvolving the side underride of a tractor trailer are often some of the most deadly. These crashes occur when a car passes underneath a tractor trail and becomes lodged or crumpled under the ... Read more

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