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Something is wrong if you are being sued and your insurance carrier settled......

If you can prove the hotel was the source of the bed bugs, generally yes. 

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Sink or Swim; The Dangers of Boating Season

With summer in full swing, the rivers, harbors and lakes of Illinois are filled with recreational boaters and sailors eager to navigate the refreshing waters and soak up the summer sun. However, it is ... Read more

DC Police are Investigating whether Patrol Officers Hit an 11 Year-Old Boy

A Washington Post article recently reported that officials are investigating an incident in which an 11 year-old boy was a allegedly struck by a police cruiser an left on the street. The child’s ... Read more

Norovirus Outbreak at Sterling, VA Sickens Over a Dozen Customers

A Chipotle in northern Virginia recently decided to voluntarily shut down after multuple customers became ill with the norovirus. At least one customer ended up in the emergency room and over a dozen ... Read more

Maryland Passes Law to Protect Rights of Cyclists in Crosswalks

The Maryland General Assembly passed a law many years ago that allowed bicyclists to ride in a crosswalk as a pedestrian. However, in what was likely an oversight the legislature did not pass a law th ... Read more

Medical Malpractice Caps Are Ruled Unconstitutional by Florida Supreme Cour

In a recent decision issued by the Florida Supreme Court, the medical malpractice damages cap, which was put in place in 2003, was struck down. The Justices found that capping non-economic damages was ... Read more

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