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If the infomation was part of the legal case, then it is no longer private and becomes a public record.  If your medical records were submitted to the court as part of a complaint, or and affidav ...Read more

Unless you sued on behalf of your nephew as his guardian, the attorney should not be speaking to you about the case. If you are in fact a party in the case, the attorney's failure to communicate for 5 ...Read more

No - you should NEVER pay anyone but lawyer a % of the case........thats likely unethical. 

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Dram Shop Laws: Holding Bars Responsible

When a person is injured by the negligence of another, they are entitled to full compensation for their injuries. This is most especially the case when people are hurt by drunk drivers who act… ... Read more

Three Deaths Reported in Suitland Parkway Crash in Prince George’s County

A collision in Prince George’s County on Suitland Parkway caused a fire, claimed three lives, and left an injured victim. The crash occurred at 4:00 am near… Keep Reading.

Charter Bus Carrying Dozens of Children Overturns on I-95 North of Baltimor

Last week, a bus carrying school children overturned on I 95 north of Baltimore. Over two dozen were injured, many of whom were children. Officials report that the incident occurred at 9:30 am near&#8 ... Read more

DC Lab Zika Testing Reported Dozens of False Negatives to Patients Who Had

We have recently blogged about the District of Columbia’s public health lab botching hundreds of Zika tests, which included approximately 300 pregnant patients. After an investigation… Kee ... Read more

$110+ Million Verdict Awarded in J&J Talcum Powder Cancer Lawsuit

A woman in St. Louis, Missouri was recently awarded over $100 million for compensation for a Virginia woman who developed ovarian cancer after use of products marketed by… Keep Reading.

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