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Broke tooth chocked on plasticc in food

1 Answers. Asked on Jun 09th, 2016 on Personal Injury - Texas
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Wife bought Trader Joes pizza, it had a piece or pieces of hard plastic under the cheese. She broke tooth and chocked, had to throw up. Do I have case to cover dental costs, etc?
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Answered on Jun 13th, 2016 at 12:14 AM

Your wife clearly has damages from the Trader Joes pizza.  Hopefully, you have the hard plastic pieces under the cheese.  And, if you have the tooth or photos of the tooth and the hard plastic under the cheese.  Make sure you keep a copy of the bills from the dentist, the amount of time this has or will cause your wife to spend dealing with her tooth as well as any way that this has affected your wife.

You will need to provide the attorney you consult the name of the Trader Joe's she went to to make the purchase.  While it is still fresh on her mind and yours, write down the date of the occurrence so that it is not forgotten.  If you paid for the pizza on a debit card, print that out along with the receipt if you have it.

If a report was made to the store; what was stated by your wife or you, have they tried to contact you and talk to you or your wife is also information that the attorney will want to to know.

ideally you kept the pizza box with the name of the manufacturer on it.

I would encourage you to seek the advice of an attorney.


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