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Help with food poisoning from red lobster

1 Answers. Asked on Jul 20th, 2017 on Personal Injury - New Jersey
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I have been sick for days . I had to get IV fluids& meds @ hospital . Vomiting & diarrhea. I paid $90 for food & I couldn't eat most of it . I went home& immediately was ill. Hospital put food poisoning on diagnosis . Red lobster restaurant supposed to compensate & pay my hospital bills. They offered gift card. I said no I will never eat red lobster again felt like I was dying . my sons, & a girlfriend had diarrhea for days. I'm just trying to be compensated for pain& suffering . Can anyone help
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Answered on Jul 24th, 2017 at 12:29 PM

If you can directly prove the food poisoning came from Red Lobster, i.e. some particular type of food poisoning like salmonella or e. coli that likely came from a particular food or a particular restaurant, you may be able to get Red Lobster to pay. Sometimes the threat of a lawsuit from an attorney letter can cause the offending party to offer a reasonable settlement, not a gift card.

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