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how do i find justice for being beaten by a deputy and Animal control killing both my dogs wrongfully, when in can't get a lawyer to take case/PROOF

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This story is over three yrs old, and will take much more than 1000 characters to do it justice. I have told the story over and overt, have and have three fb pages dedicated to finding justice. This story is filled with conspiracy, evidence tampering,, and much other wrong doing.pone example is how it all ended.. The only witness when shown a picture of my dog told the court, wrong dog. She was the only eye witness and iit was her dog that was killed by another dog. My dog was charged. Not only did she say no itb is not,but repeated it when asked again by the admin judge. They upheld the dang dog status anyway. When i appealed the judge affirmed . The county attorney never told him in her brief about the witness recanting. Finally, BCAC Paula Hunter after arguing with me about that appeal, hung up thje phone and the next morning had my dog killed... 1000 character does not do this story justice, and i do not know what else to do, at wits end.
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Answered on Jul 09th, 2017 at 7:29 AM

If by "cant find a lawyer" you mean one on a contingent fee - this is likely because you self lawyerd yourself into a mess, including it appears blowing an appeal. As such, no lawyer want to enter a war as a POW. If you are willing to spend the liely tens of thousands of dollars needed at this point to address the issue, you will find many lawyer available, but likely none if you expect them to spend that value in time simply to take on a fight that has already been badly lost. Your only practical option might be to see if some animal rights orgaization is interested in helping...but don't count on it with the case in the posture it is in. 

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