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I am a 60% disabled Vietnam decorated vet, and had an issue last Tuesday that involved our property Management Campbell management to be exact,

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had an issue with our Property Management i.e Campbell Management where it was after hours, and had to deal with one of there employees. The kitchen sinnk was about to overflow, and i asked hime to send a plumbing company over to take care of the situation, as i was taking bucket after bucket of dirty sometimes so fast that had i waited more then a minute the sink would have overflowed. I explained to the after hours employee that i had a heart problem and couldn't wait till 8: a.m. when he said would be the time that the plumbing contractor would be able to fix the problem, so from 4:30 p.m. till almost 9:p.m. i had to bail out the dirty sometimes very stinky water to the tune of almost 50 bails of that water. His answer to me was that supposed i had a heart attack, an i lay on the kitchen floor, would you notify my wife why i had the heart attack and expired. His answer to me was that he would notify her. Instead of sending a plumber over, so that i would not need to put myself
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Answered on Jul 25th, 2017 at 9:01 AM

There is obviously much more to this issue than related as it seems a bit histrionic. Clearly, it appears that no heart attack occurred and presumably the issue is resolved. IN the future, you can always cal out a plumber yourself, at your expense, to forestall such emergency OR you simply could have turned off the water using the shut off valve under the sink. If there are issues with the property management and you - you may want to work towards a voluntary termination of the tenancy.  

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