Lost the sight in one eye

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Was cutting down a tree when a pice of the bark went into my eye it caused a virus and the infection took the sight
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Answered on Mar 03rd, 2016 at 8:36 AM

Unless you can identify someone that may be at fault for your injury (manufacturer of defective pruning saw, defective goggles, your employer, if you were doing this as part of your job and they failed to give you protective equipment, etc.),  you're almost certainly out of luck. An experienced PI attorney may help you go through the facts to determine whether someone may be liable.  For obvious reasons, you couldn't sue the tree for your injury-- as they say, money doesn't grow on trees. 

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Answered on Feb 22nd, 2016 at 8:29 PM

Wow this truly sounds horrible, I am sorry to hear about this injury. Losing your sight in one eye has to be a very traumatic experience. The reality is there are many questions that will need to be answered to determine what your next steps are.

For instance, was this a work injury? Your home or another persons? What was being used to cut down the tree? Was the device being used correctly?

The first thing a personal injury attorney needs to do is go over all the facts to determine if someone is liable or not. You have been through a lot, and unfortunately there will need to be more questions asked about your case to determine the next step.

I would suggest interviewing a few attorneys to determine if you find one, whom you are comfortable working with.

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