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My car caught on fire at Pepboys. But I don''t have comprehensive insurance to cover the damage. Can i sue Pepboys?

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I drove my car (Nissan Altima 1997) to Pep Boys (Long Island) for a fix on 02/04 because of the leak issue. I dropped it off. When I came back from MacDonald after lunch, the car caught on fire, which melted almost the whole front part. The Pep Boy technician said afterwards the leak gasoline caused the fire when he tried to start the engine (It was their technician caused the fire, not me). I am still waiting for the report from the fire marshal Dept. And my Geico insurance does not cover fire damage. So what should I do now? Can I sue Pep Boys or get coverage from Pep Boys?
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Andrew Ronald Gillin at Gillin, Jacobson, Ellis & Larsen
Licenced in CA
Answered on Apr 05th, 2012 at 6:29 PM

You can sue Pep Boys if you have evidence that the fire was their fault. Depending on what the fire marshal's report says you may have a good case. Good Luck,


Andy Gillin, Senior Partner

GJEL Accident Attorneys

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