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How Does Insurance Affect a Car Accident Case?
Regardless of who was at fault for your car accident, chances are that at least one insurance company will end up paying out a settlement or court judgment. ... Read more

What Should I Ask a Car Accident Attorney During a Free Consultation?
The initial consultation is your first chance to discuss your car accident case with an experienced lawyer and figure out whether the two of you are a good fit. Here's how to make sure this first meeting is time well spent. ... Read more

How Long Will My Vehicle Damage Claim Take After a Car Accident?
If your vehicle is damaged in a car accident, it will likely reach resolution via settlement with the at-fault driver's insurance company, but if things get contentious the process could drag out. ... Read more

How Long Will My Rear-End Car Accident Claim Take?
Your rear-end car accident claim could be resolved in a few weeks or a few years. Here's what to consider. ... Read more

What questions will I get asked at a car accident deposition?
If you are involved in a car accident that results in a lawsuit, you may have to submit to a deposition during the “discovery” phase of the case. This phase of the car accident lawsuit starts soon after the initial lawsuit documents are filed, when the parties begin to gather information and try ... Read more

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there may be a grace period despite the lapse in coverage that would allow the ins coverage benefits to be applicable. However, more facts would be needed to form an opinion

Typically, the owner of the car is strictly liable for injuries cause to a third party, such as yourself. There are exceptions that would have to be explored in detail prior to forming a sound opinion ...Read more

Your insurance company has a duty to defend you. This includes hiring an attorney to give you advice if necessary. I would imagine the opposing attorney is asking for your policy limits info to determ ...Read more

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How the Doctrine of Last Clear Chance Helps Plaintiffs in Personal Injury Lawsuits

In Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia, a legal doctrine that is no longer in widespread use throughout the country, known as contributory negligence, is still... Keep Reading.

Why a Person's Driving Record Makes Little Difference in a Car Accident Lawsuit

Occasionally during the course of a lawsuit, some of our clients come to us with worries about blemishes on their driving records. However, under Maryland law... Keep Reading.

Healthcare Primary and What That Means for PIP Claims

Original Post: Important developments regarding Health Insurance Primary (HIP) and other relevant information. The purpose of this post is to help assist those w ... Read more

What Is Negligent Death?

Negligent death is when a person is killed due to the misconduct or negligence of another person. It is often referred to as wrongful death. The family members of the deceased person may opt to file a ... Read more


Original Post: A closer look into No-Fault, PIP and other important information After searching various sources, w ... Read more

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