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What is Med Pay Coverage?
After a car accident, med pay (short for "medical payments") coverage can offer an additional source of protection for injuries to the driver/policyholder and his or her passengers. ... Read more

Will There Be an Independent Medical Examination in My Car Accident Claim?
If you're making a car accident injury claim, you may be required to submit to an Independent Medical Examination (IME) by a doctor of the insurance company's choosing. But the IME is anything but "independent." ... Read more

What is "Personal Injury Protection" (PIP) Coverage?
When you're injured in a car accident, some of your expenses and losses may be covered under your own "Personal Injury Protection" (PIP) insurance benefits, regardless of who was at fault. ... Read more

What If I'm Hit By an Uninsured Driver?
You've been injured in a car accident, and it turns out the other driver -- who caused the crash -- is uninsured. Are you out of luck, or do you have recourse? ... Read more

What If I Don't Report an Accident to My Car Insurance Company?
You've been in a minor car accident with no apparent injuries and pretty insubstantial vehicle damage, and you don't want to report the accident to your insurance company for fear that your rates will increase. Find out why this might not be such a great idea. ... Read more

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Winter is Back and It’s Time for a Winter Driving Review

Winter Driving; I’m usually someone who likes winter until after January 1. Unfortunately, we are dealing with a lot more zero and sub-zero temperatures much earlier than in past years. Not only ... Read more


THREE TIPS FROM A CAR ACCIDENT LAWYER ON MAKING A DIMINISHED VALUE CLAIM The Zanes Law personal injury lawyers in Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona have represented thousands of clients over the years. ... Read more

SEPTA Sidelines Rail Trains Due To Cracks Found In Cars Support Beams

Two Market-Frankford subway cars were found to have cracks in the bolster beams. Septa has 218 Market-Frankford cars.The bolster which is load-bearing, links the body of the car to the wheel assembly ... Read more

Top 10 Safest and Most Dangerous States for Senior Drivers

It is understood that senior drivers have higher car accident rates and driver deaths but it turns out that not all states are created equal when it comes to senior driving fatalities. A survey* condu ... Read more

Why does U.S. Have highest Car Crash Death Rate in the World?

A report* released by on July 7, 2016 revealed that the United States suffers the highest car crash death rate in the world compared to 20 other countries who participated in the study. ... Read more

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