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What questions will I get asked at a car accident deposition?
If you are involved in a car accident that results in a lawsuit, you may have to submit to a deposition during the “discovery” phase of the case. This phase of the car accident lawsuit starts soon after the initial lawsuit documents are filed, when the parties begin to gather information and try ... Read more

What happens at a car accident deposition?
When a car accident results in the filing of a personal injury claim, settlement discussions may be ongoing, but the parties also have to focus on building their respective cases by gathering as much information as possible. This is called the “discovery” phase of the case. An important part of ... Read more

What Should I Ask a Car Accident Attorney During a Free Consultation?
The initial consultation is your first chance to discuss your car accident case with an experienced lawyer and figure out whether the two of you are a good fit. Here's how to make sure this first meeting is time well spent. ... Read more

What If No Witnesses Will Cooperate with My Personal Injury Lawyer?
Having an eyewitness whose testimony can bolster your case only helps if that person will come forward. Here's what you can do. ... Read more

How Do I Know What My Car Accident Case is Worth?
Putting a dollar figure on a car accident case can be a challenge, but certain factors consistently play a part in setting claim value. ... Read more

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New Legislation to Decrease Accidents Caused by Texting While Driving

There is a chance that in the near future, drivers involved inautomobile accidents may have to allow police officers to “textalyze” a driver’s cellphone to determine whether or not i ... Read more

Parking Lots - Are They Considered Part of the Employer's Premises?

For some New Jersey employees, the last few steps before reaching the employer’s actual premises can be quite dangerous. With cracked or irregular pavement, as well as ice and snow, parking lots ... Read more

Automotive Recalls: Are They Enough to Ensure Public Safety on the Roads?

Automakers order recalls as an effort to preserve the public’s safety from a flaw or defect in their product. However, not every issue is subject to recall, and if automakers recalled their ve ... Read more

Can I sue my parents for opening my mail?

Q: Can I file suit against my father for opening confidential mail addressed to myself.I am a 21 year old college student living Pa, I am originally from Ohio. I was recently in an auto accident an ... Read more

The Most Common Truck Maintenance Problems that Cause Wrecks

As an experienced personal injury attorney in Virginia who specializes in automobile accident cases, I pay particular attention to trucking accidents because they often result in some of the most seri ... Read more

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