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What If a Car Accident Lawyer Won't Take My Case?
Here are some common reasons a car accident lawyer won’t take your case, and some things to consider if you find yourself unable to find legal representation. ... Read more

How Is Pain and Suffering Valued in a Car Accident Case?
An explanation of "pain and suffering" damages in the context of a car accident case, and a look at two methods used by insurance companies to assess the dollar value of these kinds of damages. ... Read more

What Are "General" and "Special" Damages in a Car Accident Case?
You can recover damages for both economic (special) and non-economic (general) losses suffered as a result of a car accident. ... Read more

What Should I Do if My Car Accident Was in a Different State?
Getting into an out-of-state car accident raises a few unique considerations, especially when it's time to hire a lawyer. ... Read more

What If I'm Sued for a Car Accident and I Have No Car Insurance?
The answer typically depends on the severity of the accident, whether the other driver has uninsured motorist coverage, and the extent of your personal assets. ... Read more

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I Was Injured in a Semi-Tractor Trailer Truck Accident; Can I Sue the Truck Driver and the Trucking Company?

If you suffered severe injuries in a collision with a semi-tractor trailer truck, you may wonder who to pursue a personal injury claim or lawsuit against: the truck driver? The trucking company? Whe ... Read more

I Was a Passenger on a Charter Bus and the Bus Driver Fell Asleep. He Caused an Accident and I Suffered a Serious Injury. Can I Sue for this Charter Bus Accident?

Bus accidents can lead to serious injuries. If you have been a victim, you deserve to recover compensation for your injuries and the losses you have sustained, regardless of whether a commercial dri ... Read more

South Jersey Car Accident Lawyers: Increased Speed Limits Result in Fatalities

A new study conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) revealed that increases in maximum speed limits on U.S. roads and highways have resulted in a steady increase in the number o ... Read more

Why So Many People Will Hire A Lawyer For Car Crash Injuries

Those who are injured in car accidents may wonder whether they need a lawyer. In many accidents, the parties involved may have insurance policies that offer to pay for some of the expenses. However, e ... Read more


Memorial Day has become the unofficial start to summer in the United States, and with it comes an increased risk ofcar accidents involving drunk drivers. AAA estimates that over 30 million drivers wil ... Read more

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