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What If I'm Hit By Someone Who is Driving a Rental Car?
When the driver who hit you was operating a rental car, it doesn't present as much legal gray area as you might think, but it does raise some unique issues. ... Read more

What Are "General" and "Special" Damages in a Car Accident Case?
You can recover damages for both economic (special) and non-economic (general) losses suffered as a result of a car accident. ... Read more

How Is Pain and Suffering Valued in a Car Accident Case?
An explanation of "pain and suffering" damages in the context of a car accident case, and a look at two methods used by insurance companies to assess the dollar value of these kinds of damages. ... Read more

What If a Car Accident Lawyer Won't Take My Case?
Here are some common reasons a car accident lawyer won’t take your case, and some things to consider if you find yourself unable to find legal representation. ... Read more

Will There Be an Independent Medical Examination in My Car Accident Claim?
If you're making a car accident injury claim, you may be required to submit to an Independent Medical Examination (IME) by a doctor of the insurance company's choosing. But the IME is anything but "independent." ... Read more

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Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyers Discuss Drugged Driving Simulator

German scientists have developed a “drugged driving suit” that is being used across North America and Europe to educate youth about the dangerous realities of driving under the influence. ... Read more

Workplace Vehicle Accident Statistics

Traffic crashes are the number one cause of on the job deaths in America. 2 of every 5 people killed at work die in a workplace vehicle accident. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics more than ... Read more

Understanding Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injury, or TBI, is one of the most devastating injuries a victim of an accident can experience. A brain injury can change your life forever, making even the simplest task difficult to ... Read more

First Self-Driving Car Fatality in the United States Occurs

A Tesla vehicle with a new advanced autopilot system was recently involved in a fatal crash. A tractor trailer turned in front of the Tesla and some safety experts believe that the Tesla did not&#8230 ... Read more

D.C. Council Delays Voting on Bill to Protect Pedestrians and Bicyclists in Civil Suits

The D.C. Council has decided to delay voting on the new bill that would eliminate contributory negligence in auto mobile accidents involving pedestrians and…Keep Reading.

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