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The chances of winning a lawsuit is very good given the fact that your son was in a crosswalk.  If a police report was taken, a statement from the driver should be in the report.  How badly ...Read more

You may have a cause of action against both the employees of the night club as well as the night club.  If you give us more details we might be able to help.

Its hard to answer this question based on the information you have given because you did not describe how you were hurt.  Was it at work?  In a car accident? Slip and fall on someone elses p ...Read more

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Closed Head Brain Injury Cases Can Be Tough To Prove - Only Use An Experienced Lawyer

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are the leading cause of disability among children and young adults. A closed head brain injury occurs when the brain hits the inside wall of the skull. Closed brain inj ... Read more


At a recent meeting of the American Chemical Society in Boston, Massachusetts, Dr. Shu Yang, a researcher from the University of Pennsylvania, introduced new technology that will help paramedics, firs ... Read more

Sony Changed 'Concussion' Movie to Avoid NFL Backlash

The New York Times has learned that the upcoming movie "Concussion" was censored by Sony Pictures and the National Football League to... Keep Reading.

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