Head & Spinal Injuries

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When you or a loved one in injured in an accident, time is of the essence to get medical and legal assistance. Medical help is your first priority to ... read more
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Head and Spinal Injuries
When you or a loved one in injured in an accident, time is of the essence to get medical and legal assistance. Medical help is your first priority to ensure no additional injuries occur, but next should consulting a personal injury lawyer. Head and spinal injuries are difficult to deal with. Arm yourself ... Read more

Personal Injury Claims and Wearing a Helmet
Helmet use is often a hot issue, from sports to bike and motorcycle use. There's debate on whether government laws and rules should require helmet use. Then there's the impact of helmet use in a personal injury lawsuit after an accident. Do I Have to Wear a Helmet? Helmet use during certain activities ... Read more

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Being in previous accidents is not a reason to deny or limit your claim. There is no specific law for this either. However, it may be used against you to influence a jury's opinion of your character. ...Read more

The chances of winning a lawsuit is very good given the fact that your son was in a crosswalk.  If a police report was taken, a statement from the driver should be in the report.  How badly ...Read more

You may have a cause of action against both the employees of the night club as well as the night club.  If you give us more details we might be able to help.

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New Report Details Progress Made in Concussion Awareness

Recent class action lawsuits have shone a spotlight on traumatic brain injuries, and the American Association for Justice has released a report that... Keep Reading.

Sony's "Concussion" Hits Theaters Christmas Day

On Christmas Day, "Concussion" starring Will Smith and produced by Sony was released in theaters. The ground-breaking film shines a Hollywood spotlight on an issue that... Keep Reading.

Philadelphia Construction Accident Lawyers Discuss the Risk of Injury from Scaffolding Accidents

Working on scaffolding equipment can be a very dangerous job. It is also very common, with over half of all construction workers engaging in this type of labor. Each year, over 4,500 construction work ... Read more

Student Athletes Suffer Concussions During Practice More than Games, Study Shows

Now that football season is in full swing across the country, student athletes have daily practices with a game each weekend. A new study into potential concussive hits experienced during practice sho ... Read more

How Seat Belts Have Saved Lives

Whether you’re riding on a back road or on one of America’s superhighways, one of the biggest protections you have in a major crash is a seat belt. A relatively simple invention has help ... Read more

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