Head & Spinal Injuries

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When you or a loved one in injured in an accident, time is of the essence to get medical and legal assistance. Medical help is your first priority to ... read more
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Head and Spinal Injuries
When you or a loved one in injured in an accident, time is of the essence to get medical and legal assistance. Medical help is your first priority to ensure no additional injuries occur, but next should consulting a personal injury lawyer. Head and spinal injuries are difficult to deal with. Arm yourself ... Read more

Personal Injury Claims and Wearing a Helmet
Helmet use is often a hot issue, from sports to bike and motorcycle use. There's debate on whether government laws and rules should require helmet use. Then there's the impact of helmet use in a personal injury lawsuit after an accident. Do I Have to Wear a Helmet? Helmet use during certain activities ... Read more

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You are under no obligation to have spine surgery and you can seek a second opinion as to treatment options. You may also be elkigible to apply for Social Security disability benefits.  Apply on ...Read more

Sorry to hear. There needs to be an estate opened most likely and a claim made for his damages in the pending class action. Get on this ASAP as there are many technicalities to such a claim.

Being in previous accidents is not a reason to deny or limit your claim. There is no specific law for this either. However, it may be used against you to influence a jury's opinion of your character. ...Read more

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Pop Warner Settles Head Injury Lawsuit

A suit brought in Wisconsin by the family of a young man who played Pop Warner football as a child and committed suicide, was recently...Keep Reading.

"Not Alone" - March is Brain Injury Awareness Month

During the month of March, the Brain Injury Association of American (BIAA) holds its awareness campaign to educate the public about brain injury and the needs of those who have been injured and a ... Read more

Simple Changes in the Lives of Brain Injury Patients

In Mason Neck, Virginia, a therapeutic riding center called Simple Changes is working to give brain injury patients a new... Keep Reading.

March 16, 2016: Brain Injury Awareness Day on Capitol Hill

The Brain Injury Association of America hosted Brain Injury Awareness Day on Capitol Hill to help shine a spotlight on this important... Keep Reading.

NFL Finally Admits Link Between Head Trauma & Brain Disease

The National Football League's executive president of health and safety policy, Jeff Miller, recently made a surprising admission regarding... Keep Reading.

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