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What is the Difference Between "Pure" and "Modified" Comparative Fault?
When the accident was partially your fault, can you still sue other parties for your injuries? The answer depends on the "shared fault" rules in your state. ... READ MORE

What If I Can't Do Household Chores Because of My Personal Injury?
When your accident-related injuries affect your ability to perform some or all of your normal household chores, this could be considered a compensable loss in a personal injury claim. ... READ MORE

Can I Claim Self-Defense in a Personal Injury Case?
Self-defense rarely comes into play in a personal injury case, but sometimes the defendant can raise this argument in response to certain kinds of personal injury lawsuits. ... READ MORE

Is Treatment From a Chiropractor Covered in a Personal Injury Case?
Before you choose to be treated by a chiropractor in connection with your personal injury claim, know that your choice of treatment can affect your financial recovery. ... READ MORE

Can I Include PTO/Sick Days in My Personal Injury Claim?
When you're forced to use sick days or vacation time because of your injuries, or to attend medical appointments, that PTO can become part of your claim for damages. ... READ MORE

Am I Liable If My Child Bullies Another Kid Online?
If your child has been caught bullying another kid online, as a parent you could face a personal injury lawsuit, in addition to other legal consequences. ... READ MORE

Can I Get Compensation for Missing a Special Event Because of a Personal Injury?
When you miss a wedding, vacation, birthday, or other event because of an accident, it can become part of your claimed damages in a personal injury case. ... READ MORE

Is Treatment From a Mental Health Therapist Covered in a Personal Injury Case?
If you believe your mental health treatment is related to your injury, you can certainly claim this treatment as part of your "damages," but whether the insurer or the jury accepts that claim is another story. ... READ MORE

What is Contributory Negligence?
When the person making a personal injury claim may also bear some level of fault for the underlying accident, the impact on the case depends on the state's shared fault rules. ... READ MORE

What are 'Intervening' and 'Superseding' Causes in a Personal Injury Case?
An intervening or superseding cause between the underlying accident and your injuries can affect -- and sometimes completely derail -- your personal injury claim. ... READ MORE


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If you have an injury, you have a case. It doesn't matter that you're an uber driver. 

Yes you have a case. Don't give out any information when their insurance representative calls you (and they will) but feel free to get information. If you haven't done so, make sure you get photos of ...Read more

There is nothing that the employer, the courts  or any human can do to bring back the "old you". Sorry.

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