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The procedural and practical complexities of medical malpractice cases can lead to a longer timeline. Here's what that means for patients who are seek ... read more
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Can a Medical Diagnosis Be Negligent?
When people think about medical mistakes, they tend to think of surgical errors (operating on the wrong foot), medication errors (prescribing or distributing the wrong medication or dose) or childbirth errors (waiting too long for a cesarean section). In fact, the most common medical mistakes are errors ... Read more

Medical Treatment Errors Can Cause Injury
Most of us place a lot of trust in the expertise of our doctors and hospitals. We like to think that we are safe in their hands. However, this is not always the case. Doctors and other healthcare providers are human. Sometimes, they make mistakes. They make mistakes in diagnosis. They make mistakes in ... Read more

My Surgery Was Not Necessary. Can I Sue?
Each year, 48 million surgeries are performed in the United States. Many of these surgeries are necessary and improve or save patients’ lives. However, as many as half of these surgeries may not be necessary. All surgeries come with the risk of complications such as hemorrhage, damage to organs, infection ... Read more

Over-Use of Antipsychotic Drugs in Nursing Homes
Nearly 22 percent of elderly residents in U.S. nursing homes regularly receive antipsychotic medications, often without a proper diagnosis to warrant their use. These number are lower than they were a few years ago, but they are still quite significant. These drugs can be useful, but they can also have ... Read more

Can I Sue a Hospital that Vaccinates My Newborn Against My Will?
When born in a hospital, a baby is routinely given a Hepatitis B shot, a vitamin K injection and an application of ointment in the eyes. In all states, a parent can refuse these treatments. It is best to use a waiver signed ahead of time and submitted to the hospital. The American Academy of Pediatrics ... Read more

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Hi there, After review, the experienced personal injury attorneys at Shaw Cowart LLP are interested in your potential case. We have a few questions for you first regarding additional details of the i ...Read more

The amount of compensation depends on the percentage of permanent partial disability you have suffered. Depending on how the accident happened, there may be additional compensation. Each case is diffe ...Read more

You need to hire a pefrsonal injury lawyer and not try to handle this case yourself. Dr. Michael G. Sribnick, Esq. personal injury lawyer in Charleston, S.C. Michael G. Sribnick, M.D., J.D., LLC ...Read more

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Traumatic brain injury, or TBI, is one of the most devastating injuries a victim of an accident can experience. A brain injury can change your life forever, making even the simplest task difficult to ... Read more

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