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Motorcycle accidents typically result in more severe injuries than auto accidents. No structure surrounds riders to cushion them against contact with ... read more
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Under the law, the insurance company is only required to pay you for the current fair value of the bike (including the current fair value of the upgrades) at the time of the collision.  Unfo ...Read more

If it was 50% FEES this is not appropriate without a court order/approval. If its 50% with FEES and COSTS combined, this is perfectly normal as the costs of the case are IN ADDITION to the fees, gener ...Read more

Parents would not be responsible if son has accident with his motorcycle and is at fault. This response is general in nature and is not legal advice. No attorney client relationship is formed by it. ...Read more

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Attorney's Fees - Are they provided in the Indiana General Wrongful Death Statute (GWDS)

Attorney’s Fees – Are they provided in the Indiana General Wrongful Death Statute (GWDS) William “Bill” Hurst, Indianapolis Wrongful Death Lawyer The following is an analy ... Read more

6 Causes of Fatal Motorcycle Crashes

Although there may not be more motorcycle crashes in Houston, in general, motorcycle wrecks are more deadly than any other highway accident. Nearly 62,000 motorcycle riders died in multivehicle motorc ... Read more

Motorcyclist Killed in Fatal Accident with Bus in Bethesda

This morning a motorcyclist was killed in a collision with a transit bus in Montgomery County, Maryland. The crash occurred on Rockville Pike and... Keep Reading.

Motorcycle Accidents: Motorcycle Helmet Safety

Motorcycle Accidents: Motorcycle Helmet Safety Motorcycle riding and motorcycle racing are activities that provide excitement and joy to riders all over the United States and the rest of the world ... Read more

Closed Head Brain Injury Cases Can Be Tough To Prove - Only Use An Experienced Lawyer

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are the leading cause of disability among children and young adults. A closed head brain injury occurs when the brain hits the inside wall of the skull. Closed brain inj ... Read more

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