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Nursing Home Abuse FAQs
Are nursing homes required to keep records of the care provided? Are residents entitled to privacy? Can a nursing home force a resident to leave? Can a nursing home resident change facilities at any time? Can a nursing home restrict who visits the residents and when? What are some clues that nursing ... READ MORE

Nursing Home Residents Are Waiving Legal Rights
  Recently it was discovered that some nursing home residents in Massachusetts signed away important legal rights against the facilities Federal lawmakers are working on a new law to prevent this Know what you can do before and after a loved one moves into a nursing home   People get old. It's a fact ... READ MORE

Bedsores: Are They Cause for a Lawsuit?
Residents of hospitals and nursing homes are often frail, with poor mobility. As a result, they often spend long hours in the same position in bed or in a wheelchair. They can develop painful and dangerous bedsores, also called pressure sores. The medical term for bedsores is decubitus ulcers. Bedsores ... READ MORE

Levels of Nursing Home Care
Nursing homes provide around-the-clock professional medical care for patients with chronic illnesses or patients recovering from acute illnesses who need skilled nursing care but do not need to be hospitalized. Also known as "long-term care facilities," nursing homes vary by the level of care provided. ... READ MORE

Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Are a Growing Concern
Nursing home liability for personal injury to residents, especially falls and pressure sores, is a growing area of legal concern. Although only a small portion of these complaints of abuse and neglect reach trial, increasing damage awards has nursing homes concerned about higher liability insurance ... READ MORE

Are Nursing Homes Responsible when Residents Fall?
When a nursing home resident is injured in a fall, liability could rest with the care facility under a variety of legal theories. ... READ MORE

Bed Rails: Safety Measure or Hazard?
Some frail elderly have a hard time getting in and out of bed. Others may thrash around in bed while awake or sleeping, putting themselves in danger of falling out of the bed. To help with mobility, and safety, and encourage independence, many nursing homes and residential caregivers rely on bed rails. ... READ MORE


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This is an interesting set of facts.  You might have a case for defamation against the DON or the facility if what they said to the regulator is not truthful.  I'd be interested in hearing m ...Read more

Quite possibly! It depends on what happened and how it happened. Give us a call and give us more information and perhaps we can help.

You are wasting your time in court pro-se unless you have SUBSTANTIAL legal training and skill sets. If you feel this must be pursued in court then you will properly need to retain a lawyer to handle ...Read more

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New Rule Grants Nursing Home Patients More Legal Rights

The Health and Human Services Department has issued a rule to ban binding arbitration agreements in nursing home contracts. Thus far this rule is limited to nursing homes that accept federal subsidies ... Read more

Nursing Home Sexual Abuse

Nursing home sexual abuse is inflicted on our vulnerable elderly population more often than we would like to admit. Nursing home sexual abuse happens when a caregiver or other staff violates the trust ... Read more

Elder Malnutrition in Nursing Homes

Malnourishment and elder malnutrition are common issues among nursing home residents. The elderly require a proper balance of vitamins, minerals, protein, grains and vegetables and overall ample calor ... Read more


Some of the most vulnerable patients are those in nursing homes. These patients are often weak, have memory or cognitive deficits, and rely on the medical and support staff of the nursing home to fulf ... Read more


A man left in a wheelchair in the sun at a Florida nursing home passed away after suffering second-degree burns, blistering, and symptoms of dehydration, leading to an investigation of the home. ... Read more

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