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If you've got questions about how personal injury settlements work, and what to expect in your case, chances are you'll find some answers here. ... read more
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Personal Injury: How Much Can I Expect to Get?
If you’re considering making a personal injury claim after an accident caused by someone else’s carelessness, you probably want to know how much money you can expect to receive in compensation for your medical bills and other damages. To get an idea of typical settlements or awards in personal injury ... Read more

Personal Injury: Will I Get a Payout?
If you make a personal injury claim after any kind of accident in which someone else played a part, what are your chances of getting any compensation for your medical bills and other losses? We surveyed our readers across the United States who recently went through the personal injury claim process, ... Read more

Will I Have to Testify at a Deposition in My Personal Injury Case?
If you've filed a lawsuit over your injuries, it's safe to assume you'll be getting a Notice of Deposition sometime soon. Here's why. ... Read more

Do I Have to Attend the Independent Medical Examination in My Personal Injury Case?
If you've filed a personal injury lawsuit, and the other side has scheduled an independent medical exam, you probably need to attend it. Here's how to make sure your rights -- and your injury claim -- are protected. ... Read more

Should I Sign the Insurance Company's Release Form in My Injury Case?
Before you sign on the proverbial dotted line and settle your personal injury claim, here's what you need to know. ... Read more

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I would talk to an attorney about this. Most personal injury attorney will not charge you for a consultation.

The statute of limitations is two years for an injury action. If the two years has passed, your right to pursue legal action has expired.  

If your happy with your attorney then you should consider meeting with any lawyer to discuss your options.  Best wishes.

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