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Is There a Right to Privacy in Personal Injury Cases?
When you bring a personal injury claim, you will forfeit some of your privacy rights, especially when you're claiming certain kinds of losses or harm. ... Read more

What if I Disagree with the Insurance Company's Valuation of my Damaged Property?
Understanding replacement cost coverage, actual cash value coverage, and challenging the insurer's valuation of your damaged or destroyed property. ... Read more

Can I Get Compensation for Depression in a Personal Injury Case?
When you're injured in an accident, it's not unusual to suffer from depression, especially when your injuries affect your ability to function as you did before the accident. ... Read more

What if My Medical Bills Were Already Paid in My Personal Injury Case?
If medical bills relating to your personal injury have already been paid by your insurance company or another party, those expenses are still recoverable as part of your claim, but there's a catch. ... Read more

What is a Notice of Class Action Lawsuit?
The parties involved in a class action lawsuit must usually take reasonable steps to identify and notify all potential members of the "class." Here's what notice means in this context, and what comes next. ... Read more

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If the case is against a public entity, shorter time periods may apply. A free consultation would be necessary to discover the correct time period.   steve

 This would be a products liability case more likely than anything else. So I would search for a product liability attorney to review the situation and see if the manufacturer and the mesh has be ...Read more

Hopefully, this incident was recorded by management at Walmart when it happened. From your facts you would seem to have a good personal injury claim. The problem is was the incident reported to Walmar ...Read more

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Partner Joseph Cammarata Discusses the United Airlines Incident on iNews24

Partner Joseph Cammarata recently appeared on 124News and discussed the horrifying incident on United Airlines when Dr. David Dao was dragged from a flight. Initially a United employee asked for volun ... Read more

United Airlines Passenger is Violently Removed by Aviation Policeman and Se

People throughout the United States were appalled and shocked by viral video posted of a United Airlines passenger being assaulted and violently dragged from his seat off the plane by an aviation&#823 ... Read more

GOP Bill Would Negatively Impact Everyday Consumers in our Healthcare Syste

The Republicans in the House of Representatives have drafted a bill that would make it incredibly difficult to win fair compensation in medical malpractice cases, particularly for those of lesser mean ... Read more

Spike in Roadway Fatalities Sparks Call for Tougher Distracted Driving Laws

April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month and it is important to look back on the significant difference we have made in addressing the issue. Now, multiple states have enacted legisla ... Read more

Uber Resumes Testing Self-Driving Vehicles After Collision in Arizona

Several corporations are in the midst of testing out autonomous vehicles, including Uber, which tests its vehicles on public roadways in various locations throughout Arizona. Recently a Honda CRV ... Read more

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