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Does homeowners' insurance cover a slip and fall claim?
When a slip and fall claim is filed against a homeowner, one of the key issues becomes whether the homeowner has an insurance policy that will cover the claim. Homeowner Liability for Slip and Fall Accidents First, a little background on these kinds of cases: Slip and fall claims brought against ... Read more

What questions will the defendant get asked at a slip and fall deposition?
In order to hold a defendant liable for a slip and fall accident, the plaintiff has to prove that the defendant negligently allowed or caused the dangerous condition on the property. What you say and how you come across at your deposition could directly impact your potential liability -- and the extent ... Read more

What questions will the plaintiff get asked at a slip and fall deposition?
If you are the plaintiff in a slip and fall case -- meaning you're the person who was injured and is filing the lawsuit -- you will almost certainly be called to testify at a deposition. What you say at the deposition is vitally important. Your testimony can directly impact the value and the viability ... Read more

Interrogatories in a Slip and Fall Case
During the discovery period of a slip and fall case, the plaintiff (the injured person) and the defendant (typically the property owner) exchange information regarding the facts of the accident and key aspects of the injury claim. One of the main discovery tools is the issuing of interrogatories from ... Read more

Watch Dog Bites Injure Nearly 1 Million People a Year
Dog Bites Injure Nearly 1 Million People a Year In 2006, the Center for Disease Control reported that more than 800,000 people seek treatment for dog bites each year. Over 30,000 were so bad the victim required reconstructive surgery. That number has grown. Bruce Millar, an attorney in Georgia and an ... Read more

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Generally a mobil home park owner has a duty to exercise reasonable care and maintain common areas in a safe condition. Common areas are areas or passageways used in commom by tenants. This would incl ...Read more

I am sorry to hear about your accident and very serious injury: premises liability cases can be very tough to pursue; insurance companies routinely deny such claims forcing the injured person to have ...Read more

Penny,   A business in not responsible for an injury to one of its customers unless it was negligent in some way.  You acknowledge that it was your own carelessness that resulted in your f ...Read more

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Liability for "Slip and Fall" Accidents: When is a Landowner Liable?

One question those injured in a so-called "slip and fall" accident have is when is the landowner liable for the injury? As a starting point, it is important to note that there is a distincti ... Read more


Aworkplace accident is an unwelcome event that is never scheduled or planned. A workplace accident is frequently caused by unsafe conditions or unsafe behavior or possibly a combination of both factor ... Read more

Philadelphia Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers Warn Risk of Injury with Wintry Weather Conditions

Slip and fall accidents occur from a loss of traction between shoes and walking surfaces. Severe injuries can result from slip and falls ranging from broken bones to head trauma and possible death. W ... Read more


Despite popular belief,slip and fall accidents are not reserved only for the uncoordinated. A recent lawsuit filed in New Yorkfederal court proves that even the most agile of athletes can suffer a sli ... Read more

New York City Personal Injury Lawyer - David A. Kapelman, P.C.

For more than 30 years, seriously injured New Yorkers and their families have turned to the Law Offices of David A. Kapelman, P.C., a personal injury law firm to help them get fair compensation and ... Read more

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