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Before you get the injury claim process started after a slip-and-fall on someone else's property, take a look at these frequently asked questions. ... read more
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Are Homeowners Liable When Visitors Slip on Wet Leaves?
Homeowners have a duty to keep their property reasonably free of certain hazards, but does this include wet leaves on walkways and other areas? ... Read more

Is a Homeowner Liable for Injuries to a Trespasser?
It may come as a surprise to learn that homeowners may have some legal responsibility when it comes to the safety of trespassers who purposefully wander onto the homeowner's property. ... Read more

What Questions Will I Be Asked at a Slip and Fall Deposition?
The slip and fall deposition is the defense's first face-to-face chance to get your side of the story on record. Here's what to expect. ... Read more

Why Do I Need a Slip and Fall Lawyer?
If you're thinking you can obtain a similar (or better) result in your slip and fall case by representing yourself rather than hiring a lawyer, you might want to think again. ... Read more

Steps to Take After a Slip and Fall Accident
Take action right away after a slip and fall accident, to protect your legal rights and maximize your chances of obtaining a favorable result if you later decide to file an insurance claim or lawsuit. ... Read more

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It may be an ADA case - the key is whether its obligated to conform or is grandfathered somehow. There need to be more facts about the location and nature of the place etc. 

If Magic Tracks are what I think they are (a toy race track system), no, you cannot sue for slipping on something in your own home. If they are some type of exercise equipment, maybe. I would need mor ...Read more

YES. You can sue for your injuries, because the landlord was aware of the problem, had a duty to repair, and failed to repair. You  have the burden of proving everything you stated, including the ...Read more

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The Court of Appeals of Maryland decided Poole v. Coakley & Williams Const., Inc., 423 Md. 91 (2011) and Thomas v. Panco Management of Maryland, LLC, 423 Md. 387 (2011) in late October 2011. These ... Read more

Lawyers Discuss How Chances of Accident Increasing During the Winter Season

Without the proper maintenance and treatment, icy roads, sidewalks and parking lots can pose a serious risk. Similarly, black ice, which forms when a wet surface freezes, creates d ... Read more


Wheelstops are commonly used in parking lots across the country to indicate spaces where vehicles can park. Some may call them parking blocks or curb stops, but many do not realize how dangerous these ... Read more

Snow and Ice Slip and Fall Accidents

Winter is here, and with it comes an increased risk of falling on snow or ice. Homeowners, retail store managers, and owners of restaurants and public facilities have a legal obligation to clear their ... Read more

Why We Need To Be Careful In The Winter

Winter is the deadliest season, and it may not be for the reasons that you suspect. While we often hear reports of heat waves and summertime storms causing fatalities and inju ... Read more

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