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Before you get the injury claim process started after a slip-and-fall on someone else's property, take a look at these frequently asked questions. ... read more
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What Should I Ask a Slip and Fall Attorney During a Free Consultation?
It's your first chance to discuss your potential slip and fall case with an experienced lawyer. Here's what to ask to make sure your case is in the right hands. ... Read more

What Questions Will I Be Asked at a Slip and Fall Deposition?
The slip and fall deposition is the defense's first face-to-face chance to get your side of the story on record. Here's what to expect. ... Read more

How Long Will My Sidewalk Slip and Fall Case Take?
The timeline for a sidewalk slip and fall claim depends on how much is in dispute -- in terms of liability and losses -- and on who owns the property where the accident occurred. ... Read more

Interrogatories in a Slip and Fall Case
During the discovery period of a slip and fall case, the plaintiff (the injured person) and the defendant (typically the property owner) exchange information regarding the facts of the accident and key aspects of the injury claim. One of the main discovery tools is the issuing of interrogatories from ... Read more

Does homeowners' insurance cover a slip and fall claim?
When a slip and fall claim is filed against a homeowner, one of the key issues becomes whether the homeowner has an insurance policy that will cover the claim. Homeowner Liability for Slip and Fall Accidents First, a little background on these kinds of cases: Slip and fall claims brought against ... Read more

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Yes, it is worth pursuing. Liability on Slip and Fall cases may not be the best, in TX. But, in most cases we can negotiate a settlement despite the case law.

I assume your topic area of "slip and fall" was chosen because you are afraid someone could slip and fall in the future on the road at issue?  *For future reference, a "slip and fall" i ...Read more

No. The claim was your husbands and he seems to have settled it. Thats the end of that as a general rule. 

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What it Takes to Make a Slip-and-Fall Case

When you are on property owned by someone else and you fall and are injured through no fault of your own, what do you do next? Slip and fall cases are...Keep Reading.

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