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Lawsuits for personal injuries from accidents involving commercial trucks require special handling. Trucking accidents are more complicated than regul ... read more
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Trucking Accidents and Working with Your Lawyer
While any motor vehicle accident can be serious, passenger vehicles often bear the brunt of the damage and loss when a commercial truck is involved. A passenger car is no match against the size, weight and power of a truck, whether it's a large box truck or a semi or tractor-trailer. Get an idea of how ... Read more

Trucking Accidents: More Than a Fender Bender
Trucking accidents are common on US highways, killing almost 5,000 people each year, and injuring many more. Truck and passenger car accidents tend to be more serious than those involving passenger vehicles alone due to truck size. Know the hazards and risks when you share the road with trucks, and the ... Read more

Trucking Accident Suits May Involve Multiple Parties
Lawsuits for personal injuries from accidents involving commercial trucks require special handling. Trucking accidents are more complicated than regular automobile accidents. There are usually multiple parties who are potentially liable. Federal and state laws set specific standards for safety, and the ... Read more

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First and foremost, it is important to check the terms of the insurance you purchased with the truck rental, as well as your own motor vehicle policy, to see if you'd be covered for this event. I susp ...Read more

If you were injured or caused damage to your vehicle you can start a lawsuit against the owner and driver of the other car.

Im sorry to hear about this accident. The best approach is to hire an accident attorney who will handle everthing from A to Z, including property damages as well as personal injury losses..good luck ...Read more

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New Safety Report Attributes Increased Truck Crash Risks to Vehicle Defects

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has conducted new research on the factors which may cause commercial trucking crashes. The Institute’s findings include, vehicle defects, long hours, m ... Read more

Baltimore Truck Accident Lawyers: Tractor-Trailer Crashes in Heavily Popula

It makes sense that the more cars and trucks there are on roads and highways, the more likely it is that an accident can occur. This is particularly true when it comes to large trucks carrying heavy c ... Read more

Maryland Truck Accident Lawyers: Tractor-Trailer Collision With Milk Truck

In Elkridge, Howard County, Maryland, a milk truck and tractor-tractor collided in the early Friday morning hours on I-95 between Route 100 and 175. Two individuals sustained injuries in the crash and ... Read more


A new study conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has shown that crash avoidance systems installed on commercial trucks can significantly reduce the number of rear-en ... Read more

Driving Tips on Ice and Snow in Virginia

The latest episode of bad weather in Virginia again illustrates how drivers in the Commonwealth are ill prepared for handling snowy and icy roads.Virginia State Police reported more than 770 crashes d ... Read more

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