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Lawsuits for personal injuries from accidents involving commercial trucks require special handling. Trucking accidents are more complicated than regul ... read more
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Trucking Accidents and Working with Your Lawyer
While any motor vehicle accident can be serious, passenger vehicles often bear the brunt of the damage and loss when a commercial truck is involved. A passenger car is no match against the size, weight and power of a truck, whether it's a large box truck or a semi or tractor-trailer. Get an idea of how ... Read more

Trucking Accidents: More Than a Fender Bender
Trucking accidents are common on US highways, killing almost 5,000 people each year, and injuring many more. Truck and passenger car accidents tend to be more serious than those involving passenger vehicles alone due to truck size. Know the hazards and risks when you share the road with trucks, and the ... Read more

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You may have recourse in suing the other driver himself, and if said driver has a homeowners insurance policy, your claim may be covered. I say that tongue in cheek as insurance policies protect again ...Read more

It sounds like you have both a workers' compensation case and a personal injury case resulting from this accident, which can each have profound effects on one another. You can potentially obtain a set ...Read more

I am not aware of any minimum or maximum deadline.  It depends on how quickly the party requesting a copy of the transcript needs the deposition transcribed.

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Delaware County Workers' Compensation Lawyers Discuss Employee vs. Independent Contractor

Employers are facing new changes with regard toWorkers’ Compensation. The Department of Labor (DOL) now considers most workers employees as opposed to independent contractors. The National Labor ... Read more

Harrisburg Truck Accident Lawyers Discuss Dangers of New Transportation Bill Proposal

There is currently a proposal in Congress which would increase the allowed length of tractor trailers on America’s highways and it has many safety advocates upset about its dangers. Representati ... Read more


Despite concerns from the Department of Transportation, police and almost 80% of respondents in a recent poll ontruck safety, Congress is considering a bill that would allow trucks to increase in size ... Read more

Statistics Show Fatal Tractor-Trailer Crashes More Likely in Certain States

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently conducted a study on the type, frequency, and location of tractor trailer accident across American and found that... Keep Reading.


Commercial truck drivers have a reputation for pushing the limits on the consecutive numbers of hours they are allowed to drive. Pressure to deliver goods on tight schedules encourages drivers to exce ... Read more

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