Types of Personal Injury Claims

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What is a Third Party Car Insurance Claim?
After a car accident, instead of filing a claim with your own insurance company, it might make sense to file a claim directly with the at-fault driver's carrier. ... READ MORE

Does Health Insurance Cover My Car Accident Injuries?
Your health insurance is likely to play a role in payment of your car accident injuries, but a number of different factors will come into play. ... READ MORE

What If My Car Accident Was Caused by a Pothole or Bad Road Conditions?
Potholes and poor road conditions are not only inconvenient and annoying, they can also cause serious car accidents. ... READ MORE

What is a Nuisance?
Don't let a barking dog or stinky dumpster ruin your life. Your neighbor's conduct could amount to a legal nuisance. ... READ MORE

What If the Airbags Didn't Work During My Car Accident?
Airbags don’t deploy in every accident, but if they should have deployed -- and failed to for whatever reason -- in a crash where you were injured, you may have a claim for product liability. ... READ MORE

What If My Car Accident Was Caused by a Hidden/Missing Road Sign?
If your accident was caused by a hidden or missing road sign, you may have a claim against the municipality responsible for the signage. ... READ MORE

What If I Was Injured When a Branch Fell From a Tree?
Falling tree branches pose a real danger to people and property, but after an injury it isn't always easy to figure out who is legally responsible. ... READ MORE

What If My Car Was Hit by a Delivery Truck?
Since companies may sometimes be held liable for damages caused by their drivers, an accident with a delivery truck may introduce options that are not available in ordinary car accident claims. ... READ MORE

Am I Liable If My Teenager Takes My Car for a Joyride?
Having a teenager can be tough enough, but when your teenager takes your car for a joyride, your kid's thrill may end up being your financial headache. ... READ MORE

What If My Car Accident Was Caused by Drowsy Driving?
It can be an uphill battle to prove that your car accident was caused by a drowsy driver, but there are some indicators that can help you establish the other driver's liability for the crash. ... READ MORE


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If you have an injury, you have a case. It doesn't matter that you're an uber driver. 

Yes you have a case. Don't give out any information when their insurance representative calls you (and they will) but feel free to get information. If you haven't done so, make sure you get photos of ...Read more

There is nothing that the employer, the courts  or any human can do to bring back the "old you". Sorry.

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Who is To Blame When a Driverless Car Crashes and Causes Injury?

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Premises Liability Law: Determining who’s at fault

Few people realize that there are guidelines the court goes by to determine if a property owner is liable for an injury sustained while a person was on their property. A case is not won or lost simply ... Read more

Pharmaceutical Companies Puting Patients at Risk with Off-Label Marketing

The pharmaceutical industry has been promoting the use of medications to doctors for a variety of “off-label” reasons. “Off-label” refers to uses that have not y ... Read more

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