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Can I Get Surveillance Video to Identify a Hit and Run Driver?
You're pretty sure the corner store's surveillance cameras captured the hit and run accident you were in. What now? ... READ MORE

What If My Child Was Injured on a Neighbor's Swing Set?
Property owners are required to ensure that their premises are reasonably safe for visitors, and special obligations typically arise with structures like swing sets. ... READ MORE

Can I Still Sue For a Car Accident If I Don't Have Car Insurance?
If you drive without car insurance, you can be fined or have your license suspended, but you can probably still get compensation for your losses (though that compensation may be limited). ... READ MORE

What is a Third Party Car Insurance Claim?
After a car accident, instead of filing a claim with your own insurance company, it might make sense to file a claim directly with the at-fault driver's carrier. ... READ MORE

Does Health Insurance Cover My Car Accident Injuries?
Your health insurance is likely to play a role in payment of your car accident injuries, but a number of different factors will come into play. ... READ MORE

What If My Car Accident Was Caused by a Pothole or Bad Road Conditions?
Potholes and poor road conditions are not only inconvenient and annoying, they can also cause serious car accidents. ... READ MORE

What is a Nuisance?
Don't let a barking dog or stinky dumpster ruin your life. Your neighbor's conduct could amount to a legal nuisance. ... READ MORE

What If the Airbags Didn't Work During My Car Accident?
Airbags don’t deploy in every accident, but if they should have deployed -- and failed to for whatever reason -- in a crash where you were injured, you may have a claim for product liability. ... READ MORE

What If My Car Accident Was Caused by a Hidden/Missing Road Sign?
If your accident was caused by a hidden or missing road sign, you may have a claim against the municipality responsible for the signage. ... READ MORE

What If I Was Injured When a Branch Fell From a Tree?
Falling tree branches pose a real danger to people and property, but after an injury it isn't always easy to figure out who is legally responsible. ... READ MORE


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Was the man who hit him employed by your husbands company? This may be relevant

If your injury was caused by faulty equipment, you have a workers compensation claim. It is possible you may have a product liability or personal injury claim. However, if the reason for the faulty eq ...Read more

When an attorney gets involved in an auto wreck case, whether for Plaintiff or Defendant, the way that damages are determine are by examining, among other things, are  the medical records and wha ...Read more

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Seven Tips to Avoid a Road Rage Incident

We all know that road rage violence is not a new phenomenon, but it is a dangerous one. Many of the car accidents we see at Zanes Law are a result of road rage. For more information about car accident ... Read more

Spinal Cord Injuries

A spinal cord injury can be devastating and result in life-long disability. Paralysis, debilitating nerve pain, cognitive deficits, and mobility issues are common when the spinal cord i ... Read more

Causes of Trucking Accidents and Proving Your Case in California

Accidents that involve large trucks can be serious and devastating no matter whether they cause substantial property damage, severe injuries, or result in fatalities. However, the fact that trucking a ... Read more

Lawyers Discuss Forklift Accidents and Defects

Forklifts are one of the most useful tools to those working in construction, retail, warehouses, and other industries that require the moving of heavy materials. Whether you need to move pallets, boxe ... Read more

WEAR and TEAR™ Injury Versus Acute Injury

In order for a workplace injury to be compensable under New Jersey’s workers’ compensation law, it does not have to be a sudden, acute injury. In other words, an injury does not have to oc ... Read more

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