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What are the Pros and Cons of Representing Myself in a Personal Injury Case?
A personal injury claimant always has the option of handling their claim without a lawyer's help, but that doesn't mean self-representation is always a good idea. ... READ MORE

Should I Hire a Solo Practitioner as My Personal Injury Lawyer?
A large personal injury law firm can typically offer things that a smaller operation can't, but the same can be said of a solo practitioner, especially in terms of personal attention. ... READ MORE

What Does It Mean When a Personal Injury Lawyer Works on "Contingency Fee"?
If you’ve researched lawyers to potentially represent you after an accident or injury (or if you’ve just watched cable television in the wee hours), you’ve probably seen personal injury firms use advertising language along the lines of “If you don’t win, you don’t pay.” This is shorthand ... READ MORE

Personal Injury Claims in California: Do You Need a Lawyer? How Much Does It Cost?
When you’ve been injured in an accident or any other incident where someone else was to blame, you might be considering filing a personal injury claim for your medical bills and other losses. And you probably want to know whether you need a lawyer’s help and how much it would cost. We surveyed our ... READ MORE

What if a personal injury lawyer won't take my case?
Find Out the Reason Before you can evaluate all your options and decide on your best next step, you need to find out why the attorney turned down your personal injury claim. So, if you don’t know the reason, you need to ask. It could be simple. Perhaps the lawyer simply does not have the time right ... READ MORE

Will the insurance company pay for my personal injury lawyer?
This question usually comes up after a car accident, or when a slip and fall accident or dog bite is covered by a homeowners' insurance policy. If You Were Injured If you were the one who was injured, and you are making a "first party" claim under your own insurance policy -- after a car accident, ... READ MORE

How Much Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Charge?
Personal injury lawyers received an average of 32% of their clients' settlement or court award.From a car crash to a slip-and-fall, if you’re thinking about filing a personal injury claim after any kind of accident, it’s very likely that you’re also thinking about hiring a lawyer to help with your ... READ MORE

What are My Options If My Personal Injury Lawyer Didn't Do a Good Job?
If you're not happy with how your lawyer is handling your personal injury case, your options depend on what stage your case is in when you come to this conclusion. ... READ MORE

What If My Personal Injury Lawyer Won't Take My Suggestions?
Your personal injury lawyer is handling your case, but you've got ideas and thoughts of your own when it comes to the best way to proceed. How do you and your lawyer move forward to ensure the best outcome? ... READ MORE

Should My Personal Injury Lawyer Be Sending Me Copies of Everything in My Case?
A personal injury claim involves a lot of paperwork, from medical records to deposition transcripts and court filings. But that doesn't mean that the client needs to see all of it. ... READ MORE


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If you have an injury, you have a case. It doesn't matter that you're an uber driver. 

Yes you have a case. Don't give out any information when their insurance representative calls you (and they will) but feel free to get information. If you haven't done so, make sure you get photos of ...Read more

There is nothing that the employer, the courts  or any human can do to bring back the "old you". Sorry.

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Being in an accident can be overwhelming and it is understandable that you may want to settle your personal injury case quickly. Doctors visits balanced with home life, meetings with lawyers crisscros ... Read more

Premises Liability Law: Determining who’s at fault

Few people realize that there are guidelines the court goes by to determine if a property owner is liable for an injury sustained while a person was on their property. A case is not won or lost simply ... Read more

Pharmaceutical Companies Puting Patients at Risk with Off-Label Marketing

The pharmaceutical industry has been promoting the use of medications to doctors for a variety of “off-label” reasons. “Off-label” refers to uses that have not y ... Read more

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