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Wrongful Death FAQ
Every state has its own version of a wrongful death statute, which can be used to establish civil liability for a person's death. Here we've compiled answers to some of the most common questions about wrongful death lawsuits. ... Read more

First Swine Flu Casualty
  The first reported swine flu casualty in the US is a New York City assistant principal, Mitchell Wiener Mr. Wiener's family filed a "notice of claim" against New York seeking $40 million dollars in damages   By July 2009, more than a million Americans had already been infected with swine flu, more ... Read more

The Failure of 911
It sounds like your worst nightmare: you are in an emergency - kidnapped, carjacked, taken hostage - luckily, you manage to grab a cell phone and call 911. You have hope, you think you are on your way to safety. However, the 911 dispatcher isn't helpful, she asks you the same questions, over and over, ... Read more

Dealing With a Vermont Personal Injury
A personal injury lawsuit is a legal way of redressing a personal injury by awarding damages meant to compensate or provide relief for the negligent or intentional acts of another. Types of personal injury cases can range from auto accidents, medical malpractice, product liability, and more. Jurisdiction ... Read more

South Carolina Personal Injury Law: The Facts
Whether an incident involves an animal bite or a complication from a surgical procedure, individuals who believe they have suffered as a result of someone else's negligence might have grounds for a lawsuit. South Carolina laws governing personal injury litigation have unique requirements, although many ... Read more

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What is it that was not handled properly?  The fire investigation?  Call the Fire Department. The autopsy? Call the medical examiner.

An action for a judicial determination of death should likely be initiated in Probate Court first.  You will need the assistance of counsel to navigate any other actions based on the time period. ...Read more

Ms. Dodson when your father was killed at work there would be two possible claims. One claim would be for workers' compensation. This would be 500 weeks of compensation. The other possible claim would ...Read more

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Wrongful Death and Comparative Negligence

Wrongful death is no doubt the most serious type of personal injury case processed in the court system, and many times they are also among the most strongly defended. Negligence is always the central ... Read more

Reckless Driving Takes The Lives of 5 Tennessee Children

On Monday, a terrible tragedy struck the city of Chattanooga, Tennessee. A bus filled with 35 children was on its afternoon route delivering them back to their homes when it crashed, leaving 5 of the ... Read more

Passengers and Liability: What You Might Not Know

Thanksgiving has passed, and while many families are moving on excitedly to plan for Christmas and the New Year, a group of families in Polk County are grieving after losing their loved ones on Thanks ... Read more

Understanding California Wrongful Death Legal Action Lawsuits

Defining California Wrongful Death Legal Action Understanding California Wrongful Death Legal Action Lawsuits – Are you wondering whether the death of a family member or friend is wrongful? Deal ... Read more

Special Police Officers Will Not Be Charged for Causing Man’s Death During

The District of Columbia allows special police powers to be vested in “special police officers,” who are not members of the Metropolitan Police Department but are given the rights to&#8230 ... Read more

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