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You may have a claim for workers compensation and also a claim against the Yellow Cab, if you copied the license number or a police report was filed. However, if you sue the cab company that would be ...Read more

Thank you for the information.   I would like to disuss your case with you.   If your foot does not heal correctly due to your diabetes, it may be economically feasible to move forward with ...Read more

If there was a flood from the HVAC was a result of the tenant not changing an air filter (I don't see the connection but I am not an HVAC expert) then you might have a claim against tenant. However, i ...Read more

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Reckless Driver Crashes into Dining Restaurant Patrons

For diners at a mid-Wilshire Los Angeles restaurant, an enjoyable Sunday afternoon meal quickly turned to tragedy as a van hurled through a white picket fence and into their tables. At least eight peo ... Read more

Who Is to Blame for Child Playground Injuries?

It’s back to school time, and children across Southern California will be spending recess and afterschool time climbing, swinging, and running on playgrounds. While these childhood staples provi ... Read more

When Should I See a Doctor After an Accident? For more information on how we can help contact us at 772-223-9600 or visit us at for more ... Read more

Who is Liable in a California Big Rig Accident?

Accidents involving large commercial trucks can be some of the most devastating and catastrophic crashes.  This is not surprising given the size difference between a fully-loaded eighteen wheeler ... Read more

Sports Eye Safety Month: Youth Sports-Related Eye Injuries

September is sports eye safety month. Every parent wants to keep their young children safe in whatever activities they do. Since children do not necessarily understand the risks and consequences assoc ... Read more

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