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I got a chem. burn. Work denies anything harmful in the air. Now I am having difficulties thinking, breathing and losing hair.

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What kind of a Dr. do I need to see? I went to a comp Dr. that diagnosed the chem burn on my neck and eyelids. 3 other employees are experiencing symptoms too. Work denies that it is coming from there. They say we don''t even work with the chemicals and the ones who do should be the ones with problems if there were any. I work at a veneer manufacturing business. There is wood dust and adhesive particles in the air and little to no ventilation. The MSDS is not being followed. I can''t even tell if they are up to date. I used to feel better after work when I left the building. Now I feel lousy all weekend too. So lawyer or Dr first? How will I survive without a paycheck while this is drug out. I know there is gross negligence, we reported this to OSHA and they did a personal air sample on us looking for one of the least likely chemicals and found a very low level. Bought off? I don''t know.
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Answered on Apr 17th, 2012 at 2:21 PM


I suggest that you consult with a Michigan workers' compensation attorney who is also a very good personal injury attorney before seeing a doctor.  Normally I would advise seeing a doctor before an attorney in any type of injury case but your case is a unique.  You want a law firm that is going to get you to the right workers' compensation doctor immediately rather than going to someone your employer would prefer you see.  You want your attorney very skilled in third party matters because there just might be something going on that would justify a third party case.

You can start your search for the right attorney by clicking the "Find a Lawyer" button in the upper left hand corner of this page.

Good luck to you.

John Bisnar

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