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I want to sue an assisted living facility which i lived in Fl., the corp is in chicago, I am suing for $20k how do I proceed?

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I lived in this facility for 16 months, I moved out and got only 10 % of the deposit back. The contract states, you can get 50% within 1 year of moving out or 10% after 1 year. I would like to sue to get at least 50% the deposit back since it was only a few months after 1 year I left. I want to do this pro se.
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Answered on Jul 27th, 2016 at 5:05 AM

You are wasting your time in court pro-se unless you have SUBSTANTIAL legal training and skill sets. If you feel this must be pursued in court then you will properly need to retain a lawyer to handle this for you. 

All responses are NOT to be considered legal advice nor to be relied upon in any as such nor to establish any form of attorney/client relationship. Opinions expressed are solely informational and not a substitute for proper legal advice provided by a properly retained after thoroughly researching the issues presented.

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