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I was involved in a police raid by the Sheriff's Department I was not charged in this raid I was let go but my dogs and my puppies were impounded is i

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Is it legal for them to impound my dogs plus my one dog was not found and it was under the couch and they told me I could take that one with me so why couldn't I take the other one with me as well my dogs were not in the way they were chained up out in backs plus the puppies were in a cage in my van outside of the house I could not afford to get all the puppies in my dogs out I only got my two female Rottweilers out when I told the Humane Society that I was Indigent had no money and ask them if they can release my puppies to me they said no and threatened to call the law on me and then they turned around and sold my puppies for under $400 a piece
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Answered on Jun 15th, 2017 at 7:11 AM

If the Sheriff had a warrant to seize the dogs then it was valid. If they were claiming animal cruelty, then they may be able to seize them without a warrant. If they were a breed of dog not allowed in the location you lived, they could seize them without a warrant.  Since you were not charged with a crime it is not clear the basis for the seizure.  That said, if they were impropoerly seized, you might have a civil claim of action against the Sheriff and / or Humane Society for the value of the dogs that were not returned. To pursue such a claim, it is mandatory that you file a "Notice of Claim" under the proper statute within 182 days fo when the dogs were seized. It has to be filed with the proper entity and in the proper way. The County or City where you live MAY have information on their website on how to do that - the City of Boulder does have such information on their website, for example. 

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