Is Gas-Lighting Criminal?

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A dear, lifetime friend and former high school teacher said he was gas-lighted at work. He is a courier. His company is staffed with lots of veterans. He shared with me that the company had a younger woman in their employ who was used as a kind of plant. He's since left the company after 7 months but is left with persistent headaches and snap judgments and references to fiendish intentions by some gal and coworker he'd talked to for 4 months almost exclusively by phone. He claims that she used subtle but effective techniques of hypnosis. He also claims that she used the phone--calling and texting--to abuse him, to plant doubt in his thinking and have that doubt color almost everything that he thinks about now. The result is that he is more withdrawn. He used to go after things with great confidence. Not any more. He noticed too that he'd had the shakes toward the end of his time with the company. He wants to know if gas lighting is a criminal offense and as well as the statute proving
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Answered on Jun 15th, 2017 at 7:05 AM

I cannot find any law that woudl be directly on point, making such activity a crime. My suggestion is that you, or better yet - your friend - contact the District Attorney's office in the County that they live, and speak to an investigator there and have them investigate it.  It is the district attorney's office that can file criminal charges. 

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