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My son is in jail and is getting sick from all the black mold in his cell from the past 8 mths. He is having severe breathing problems and headaches

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There seems to be a terrible mold problem and a huge water leak in the jail where my son is. Water leaks in through the ceilings and side crack.There are buckets collecting the water all through the jail , and the inmates have to mop up the water just not to walk in puddles. The mold is getting bigger and the smell is bad and the inmates are getting sick from it since the cells are so small. I am worried about the effects this will have on my son's health. Mold can take up to 10 yrs show the full effects it has caused.
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Answered on Jul 13th, 2017 at 11:48 AM

Poor jail conditions present multiple possible causes of action from civil rights to personal injury type causes of action.   Conditions that have caused health problems or are certain to cause health conditions are usually actionable.    Many lawsuits have been filed by inmates across the country complaining of frivolous matters.   The first hurdle in these type of cases is separating your lawsuit from those that have little merit or meaning.   


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