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should i complete med release authorization send to by my own ins and at fault party. which one i can most likely ignore.

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Before signing any medical records release form, you must read it carefully to see what you are authorizing.  Many insurance company release forms allow them to get ever record on you during your entire live, including non-related medical records, employment records and so on.  You can modify the release form in any way that suits you.

If you are complaining of a upper cervical injury, the insurance company does not need your gynecological records from twenty years ago, records from your therapist when you were in high school or your plastic surgeons records and photographs.  Insurance companies like to get all the records on you that they can so that they can find something to use against you or something that will embarrass you to use against you in negotiations.

You want to limit the records release to specific time periods of records and types of records.  In other words, keep the records release relevant to the issues in your claim.  You want the release to expire, usually within 60 days.  You want them to provide you a copy of all records that they obtain pursuant to the release.

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