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Can I Make a Personal Injury Claim Against an Undocumented Immigrant?
When the person who caused your injury is an undocumented immigrant, there are a number of factors that could affect any personal injury claim you want to file. ... READ MORE

What Does “Preponderance of the Evidence” Mean?
Preponderance of the evidence is the legal standard of proof in most civil cases. ... READ MORE

Can a Minor File a Personal Injury Claim?
When a minor is injured, there are usually special procedural issues to consider when making a personal injury claim (especially if the matter is taken to court). ... READ MORE

Do "Stand Your Ground" Laws Apply to Civil Lawsuits?
Controversial "Stand Your Ground" laws can come into play in a criminal case, but what about a civil lawsuit for wrongful death or assault? ... READ MORE

What are "Deep Pockets" in a Personal Injury Case?
When you have a choice of who to sue in a personal injury case, one factor to consider is which potential defendant has "deep pockets". ... READ MORE

Can I Get Compensation for Sleep Problems in My Personal Injury Claim?
Sleep problems can be a sign of anxiety, traumatic head or brain injury or even PTSD, and can be considered part of "pain and suffering" or "emotional distress" damages in a personal injury claim. ... READ MORE

What is the "Sudden Emergency Doctrine" in Personal Injury Law?
Otherwise-liable personal injury defendants may be afforded the “sudden emergency" defense in very specific situations. ... READ MORE

What is the Difference Between "Pure" and "Modified" Comparative Fault?
When the accident was partially your fault, can you still sue other parties for your injuries? The answer depends on the "shared fault" rules in your state. ... READ MORE

What If I Can't Do Household Chores Because of My Personal Injury?
When your accident-related injuries affect your ability to perform some or all of your normal household chores, this could be considered a compensable loss in a personal injury claim. ... READ MORE

Can I Claim Self-Defense in a Personal Injury Case?
Self-defense rarely comes into play in a personal injury case, but sometimes the defendant can raise this argument in response to certain kinds of personal injury lawsuits. ... READ MORE


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You should retain counsel immediatly, and refrain from speaking with an adjuster   Steve   licensed in Texas and Florida

Unfortunately, this falls into the assumption of risk category along with self inflicted/comparative negligence issues. Absent some catastrophic injury, like blindness or substantial surgical interven ...Read more

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What is the Purpose of a Personal Injury Trial?

When a person is seriously injured through no fault of their own, they do not suddenly become experts in personal injury cases. Their personal injury lawyer handles the phases of a personal injury cla ... Read more

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Across the country, there are basically two approaches to dog bite cases. The first is a dog-friendly negligence standard, which states that unless an owner knew or should have known that the dog was ... Read more

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