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Wrongful Death FAQ
Every state has its own version of a wrongful death statute, which can be used to establish civil liability for a person's death. Here we've compiled answers to some of the most common questions about wrongful death lawsuits. ... READ MORE

First Swine Flu Casualty
  The first reported swine flu casualty in the US is a New York City assistant principal, Mitchell Wiener Mr. Wiener's family filed a "notice of claim" against New York seeking $40 million dollars in damages   By July 2009, more than a million Americans had already been infected with swine flu, more ... READ MORE

The Failure of 911
It sounds like your worst nightmare: you are in an emergency - kidnapped, carjacked, taken hostage - luckily, you manage to grab a cell phone and call 911. You have hope, you think you are on your way to safety. However, the 911 dispatcher isn't helpful, she asks you the same questions, over and over, ... READ MORE

Dealing With a Vermont Personal Injury
A personal injury lawsuit is a legal way of redressing a personal injury by awarding damages meant to compensate or provide relief for the negligent or intentional acts of another. Types of personal injury cases can range from auto accidents, medical malpractice, product liability, and more. Jurisdiction ... READ MORE

South Carolina Personal Injury Law: The Facts
Whether an incident involves an animal bite or a complication from a surgical procedure, individuals who believe they have suffered as a result of someone else's negligence might have grounds for a lawsuit. South Carolina laws governing personal injury litigation have unique requirements, although many ... READ MORE

Explaining Personal Injury in Louisiana
Should you or your property be harmed due to someone else’s negligence, you may have a viable personal injury claim. Examples of personal injury claims include auto accidents, medical malpractice and product liability. Filing a personal injury case might result in you receiving compensatory damages, ... READ MORE

Personal Injury Information in Wyoming
Personal injury is a legal category of tort law, which includes any type of injury. A personal injury claim consists of a physical injury caused by the negligent or unlawful conduct of another that results in compensable damages. Examples of personal injury claims include motor vehicle accidents, medical ... READ MORE

Personal Injuries Claims in West Virginia
Whether you were injured in an automobile accident caused by someone else's carelessness or harmed because a business was negligent, there is a possibility of a personal injury lawsuit that could help compensate you for medical bills, lost wages and even pain and suffering. West Virginia law governing ... READ MORE

Fundamentals of Washington Personal Injury
Personal injury cases are legal matters with the purpose of awarding monetary compensation for harm or injury. The purpose of this type of case is to seek relief or mitigate the damage that has happened to you or your property as a result of another's negligence. What Are Damages? The term damages refers ... READ MORE

The Basics for Washington DC Personal Injuries
A personal injury claim may occur when someone is injured by the carelessness of another or by an intentional act, by no fault of his or her own. Such injuries can be severe and life-altering; therefore, compensatory damages seeks to compensate for these injuries. Statute of Limitations In order to file ... READ MORE


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More facts and a forensic investigators opinion would need to be explored before a conclusion can be reached. Contact counsel to discuss. 

Please tell me how your daughter passed?  Also do you need help with a wrongful death lawsuit? 

I am not given the info as to where you live. I live and work in the middle Tennessee area. Call me if this ocurred in this area. If not, then contact an attorney in your area.

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Toddler Dies in Drowning Accident at Charles County Home Day Care

A toddler attending the daycare in a Charles County home appears to have wandered out of the home into the backyard while the daycare provider was watching three other children in her home. Autho ... Read more

Engine Failure Believed to Be Cause of Troy Gentry Helicopter Crash

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has issued its preliminary report into the condition and cause of a fatal helicopter crash involving 50-year-old Troy Gentry, one half of the country mu ... Read more

A Comprehensive Guide to Wrongful Death Cases

In the unfortunate event that an individual loses their life in an accident due to negligence or malpractice of another person, the surviving family members or the administrator of the deceased’ ... Read more

Engineer and Truck Driver Sleep Apnea Testing Regulation Withdrawn

A sleep apnea screening rule that would have seen all commercial truckers and train engineers undergo testing for the condition has been withdrawn. The move, which has drawn criticism from varying age ... Read more

$39 Million Verdict Upheld in Milwaukee Parking Garage Death

$39 Million Verdict Upheld in Milwaukee Parking Garage Death from courthousenews.com https://www.courthousenews.com/39-million-verdict-upheld-milwaukee-parking-garage-death/Law Office of Simon W. John ... Read more

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